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The Mother Lode was the source of the gold that gold miners dreamed of finding.  I hope that this Blogg will be a Mother Lode for all of us. 


My interests are:  genealogy, history, organic gardening, people, family, and learning.


My Motto:  A day without something new learned is a day wasted!


Other words to live by: 

      Expect nothing and you will not be deceived.

      He that tooteth not his own horn, the same horn shall not be tooted.


Please come back often and enjoy our trip to "paydirt".


A little about me:  Have had a colorful and varied career that included the NASA Spacecraft Operations Manager for LM5, the first manned lunar lander.  Design homes and raise tomatoes using organic techniques commercially. 

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    Thank you for your comments on my wall.
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    Hello, and welcome to JournalHome, I upgraded your account so you can edit your template. Let me know if you have any questions. F.
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    G'day there, Thank you for visiting my journal and leaving such a nice report. I must say I'm glad you enjoyed the visit. Now I'm aware of your journal I will endeavour to pop in and have a peruse every now and then. Welcome to the journalhome community and I hope you enjoy it. Everyone here seems to be very nice and I enjoy journaling here. Take care and God Bless and thank you once again for visiting Love N' Hugs from Dawnie...Hooroo for now.
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    hope you found the article about the tomato interesting. more to come: spaceman123
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