8/19/2011 - Exactly why Weight Loss Does not Work
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The key element to achieve success in any weight loss program - whether or not you pay out a lot of money for the package or following a DIY method - usually requires only one point: that you simply keep to the recommendations and stick to it.

This will sound easy and almost any physician can tell you about it. However, this is true. The inability to follow any weight loss system is the #1 reason why many suffer from weight loss failure.

Let's dive in a little deeper to understand more and in details.  This is important to lose weight because only if you understand it, you can work to overcome your weight issue.

First thing first, let's go back to the time that overweight was never a problem for you. Well if you can't recall, just picture yourself naturally slim.

Back again from the past to current where you are carrying the extra pounds that you do not want. It's such a distinct difference. Of course back then your high metabolism rate can deal with anything you throw at it. But not any more.

Above all, over time we pick up behaviors and habits that our metabolism rate can't quite keep up. That's the time we pay the price. The extra fat sit around - on us. Although a bit at a time, undoubtedly we end up obese.

Though the science of for weight loss states that all it needs to be done is to consume much less or do more workout, it is really not that straightforward.

To begin with, adjusting to a lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight is tough. Particularly, most of us enjoy eating as a way to celebrates major accomplishment. On top of that, some of us appreciate eating certain food or even as a way to "pat" ourselves for completing something we hate doing.

Yet, many of us realize that we have to keep out the excessive pounds so as to keep our life at the highest quality. So many of us muster enough courage and begin losing weight. So far so good.

But something else is more important that starting out a weight loss program. And that's sticking to it. Almost a large percentage of those who started weight loss stop doing anything about it just 72 hours later. Usually from Monday early morning till someday on Wednesday or perhaps Thursday.

There is a explanation why it can be so tough to stick to it - as we aged, we follow more and more routines. And it comes a point that to change the routine, it is not effortless. While some says that it take 21 days to create a habit, unlearning habits built from years practices or altering habits is even more difficult.

Failure to change our current behavior is the number 1 reason why our weight loss effort fail. Learning and creating routines is actually simpler and practical for weight loss. However it's not sufficient.

With this simple yet valuable information, no wonder that even one of the most highly-touted and thoroughly-researched weight loss program falls short. Until the program can assist and change all the unhealthy behaviors, the weight loss program effectively - failed.

So how to proceed, and what is my advice?

Prior to starting any weight loss program, think about how the extra pounds got onto you in the first place. Isn't it through all the bad habits you have cultivated through the years. Give some thoughts to it. Give some thoughts to your love ones as well and your routines and think about how it created the un-desireable you. Then source for the right program that can change your lifestyle. Not only promise a weight loss.

You can lose weight, but only if you follow the program that can change the foods you eat without using will power to fight it.

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