11/14/2007 - [none]
Posted in Unspecified

So I am officially bummed out by the annoying weather. Last night, I had dinner with my Aunt Joy and my cousin, Ara. We had fun. Got new flip-flops. I got to go back to my dorm at around eight in the evening and I was glad to see Karen still awake... though the reason why she was still up was because she had to do this very long paper on her philosophy subject. I pity her. But I pity myself more. I had nothing to do other than eat and watch TV that night. It was really uneventful for me.. even more tiring than usual.


So then I got around into reading my friend yuugiri's fanfiction (gundam seed) and I just realized how much I missed writing fanfiction as well and how much I missed reading her stories and my other friends' stories. I just wished I had the inspiration and the energy to write about something. I was really bored I couldn't even practice math. I am trying to love math but heck it still hates me so I couldn't care less.

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