1/2/2017 - An In-depth Examination Of Wise Strategies In Womens Lifestyle
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The notion of strolling through a physical mall is starting to feel old-fashioned, like barbershop quartets, or writing in cursive. This is how people used to buy things, Virginia, before drone deliveries and the sundry triumphs of on-demand capitalism. But once upon a time, shopping galleries were deeply radical spaces. In fact, its impossible to tell the full story of womens rights without talking about the rise of the mall and its predecessor, the shopping district. These places were crucial to the invention of shopping as an experience: as an act of leisure, as a way to spend an afternoon. And in doing so, they opened up modern cities to women and gave them areas where they, like men, could wander at will. For many middle-class housewives in Victorian England, shopping was their first taste of real freedom, and the starting point for their push into public life, explains historian Erika Diane Rappaport. During a period in which a familys respectability and social position depended upon the idea that the middle-class wife and daughter remain apart from the market, politics, and public space, the female shopper was an especially disruptive figure, she writes in her history Shopping For Pleasure. Bazaars and markets are as old as civilization, of course. But the idea of ambling through stores, sipping on cocoa, and admiring (but not necessarily buying) the merchandise that is a thoroughly modern activity that first gained popularity in 1800s.

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